SpeedRunners and YouTubers Raise $20k for Cancer Research

King of Speed Tournament winners raise thousands of dollards for charity

Indie game studio Tiny Build Games recently hosted their second fundraising competition known as King of Speed Tournament 2. The tournament was held in Tiny Build Games' Speedrunners, a four-person competitive racing game available on Steam

During the tournament, players had the choice to join the teams of two characters in the game: either Team Falcon or Team SpeedRunner. Tiny Build Games also created a DLC for purchase, which inlcuded popular YouTube celebrities as playable characters, with four available per team. Each time a team won, that win was added to the total number of wins for that team, and whichever team had the most wins by the end of the tournament was declared the tournament winner. 

On November 20th, Tiny Build Games declared that Team SpeedRunner won after raising $17,000 for cancer research, with proceeds going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Tiny Build Games also donated an extra $3,000 to "round it up to $20k." 


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Published Aug. 11th 2017

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