Dark Souls 3 releases tomorrow

Get ready to delve into another extensive and daunting world created by FromSoftware. Dark Souls III hits retailers tomorrow, the kingdom of Lothric awaits.

The great kingdom of Lothric beckons -- prepare for another Dark Souls adventure. Dark Souls III will release tomorrow April 12, 2016 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Developer FromSoftware has been known for their punishing gameplay-- and from the sounds of early reviews, this installment will be no different. In fact, it might be the hardest game yet in the Souls series.

Early reviews have been favorable, and after last year’s Bloodborne, it seems as if Dark Souls III will be the most polished game FromSoftware has to offer. Of course, the ‘is it too hard’ debate will rise again with the release of a new Souls game, but how about we just leave that argument for another day?

There are several different editions of the game available for purchase. The Standard Edition will sell for $59.99 and includes the soundtrack for the game. That’s about where it ends for PC gamers, unfortunately. The following two editions of the games are available for pre-order and are only available to PS4 and Xbox One owners.

The first is the Day One Edition that comes with pre-ordering the game for $59.99 (act fast) and it includes the soundtrack, beginner's guide to the game, and an exclusive sleeve for the case of the game. The Collector’s Edition has a lot more to offer, and is notably more expensive. The Collector’s edition will cost you $129.99 and it includes a 200-page art book, a cloth map of the entire world, a 10’’ red knight statue, and a collector’s box. There is also the Prestige Edition of the game, which is exclusive to Amazon. However, it is sold out and may not come back into stock. On top of all that, it will cost $800-- so prepare for your wallet to cry.

Dark Souls III has released already in Japan. It will release tomorrow, April 12 worldwide for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Published Apr. 26th 2016

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