Greatest RPG Buffs and Debuffs -- and Their Real World Counterparts

Final Fantasy X - Focus

While not the most glamorous choice from Lulu's moves list, stacking focus five times powered up her magic and made her quite a bit more durable. Opposite of a war cry or cheer, Lulu's buff was about looking in for power.

Meditation is no joke. A recent shake down of old meditation studies (to verify that they were conducted true to the scientific method) still left several incredible findings unscathed.

In some instances it can be as effective as medication in treating depression and anxiety. Closer to Lulu's uses, meditation has been proven over and over to positively affect concentration.

A recent case study, specific to concentration, showed participants sent to a meditation retreat performed significantly (eventually 10x) better on performance tests than the control group.

Published Jan. 13th 2017

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