EVO teases alpha release of Rising Thunder

Sign up for the alpha release of a brand new fighting game which features giant robots – it's FREE.

While watching EVO 2015 I caught a glimpse of an upcoming fighting game. The game, titled Rising Thunder, features a familiar combo system and 2D field layout. What seemingly makes this game different from other fighters is that the fighters are robots.

I missed the entirety of the trailer on its first pass, but the second time it came around I noticed that it advertised an upcoming Technical Alpha release.


We are now accepting applications to the Rising Thunder Technical Alpha. To sign up, click the button below and make an account.

When your number comes up, we will email you instructions to download the game.

Other important details worth noting are that the trailer advertised the game as coming to PC and being free. Unfortunately the trailer is not on YouTube or even the game's own website, so I currently have no way of providing that footage. There are also no screenshots of it anywhere on the internet.

Though the lack of broadcasting is definitely going to limit the number of eyes on the project, it's clearly targeting avid fighting gamers – why else would they only advertise at the world's most renowned fighting game tournament?

A final heads-up: the acceptance period for the alpha is only about as long as the remainder of this month, so get on the offer immediately if you're interested!


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Published Jul. 17th 2015

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