Nokia Executive Heads to Microsoft to Take Control of Xbox

This is not farewell for Larson-Green but a "welcoming [of] the Nokia team."

Executive at Nokia, Stephen Elop, is joining Microsoft as the lead of Devices and Services which includes Xbox, Windows Phone, and Surface devices. Elop is taking over the role from Julie Larson-Green who will be taking over a new position at the company as Chief Experience Officer of the Applications and Services group.

Larson-Green sent out a memo, posted to Techcrunch, that explained how the company is handling the transition. In her memo she writes about the progress they are making with the change of roles. 

"I’ll remain in role leading the DnS organization in the interim until the Nokia deal closes and Stephen Elop makes his transition to Microsoft. We’ve been meeting regularly throughout and are making a lot of progress, ensuring our teams are ready for the Day 1 close and beyond."

She goes on to praise Elop saying that the teams are "in great hands" and that she has no doubt that Elop will be able to perform in the best interest of Microsoft. This is not farewell for Larson-Green but a "welcoming [of] the Nokia team." 

I have no doubt Elop will be able to lead the division with confidence and with great success! Here's to wishing him luck!

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Published Feb. 24th 2014

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