Explore GTA V as a Chicken and Destroy Enemies with Poop as a Seagull!

GTA V introduces a new drug which turns players into all sorts of crazy animals! Ever wanted to poop on somebody's head as a Seagull, now you can!

We were all very excited about the release of Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One and PS4, especially after hearing about the long-awaited first-person mode (and the raunchieness that goes with that), but who knew that Rockstar North had this awesome surprise in store for us! 

Hidden within GTA V are 27 peyote plants. What's a peyote plant? (I actually had to Google this thing) It's a drug, and Rockstar have made sure that it gives GTA V players the most 'whacked-out' experience possible: you'll turn into animals!

These animals seem to be chosen at random and it is assumed that there are 27 different animals to become, one for every plant. But this remains a mystery as to whether there really are that many possibilities (I sure hope so).

My personal favourite: a chicken! It's not the coolest animal to turn into, that's for sure, but hearing Franklin argue with himself in chicken form is pretty hilarious!

<iframe style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/0pM8ItS60SQ#t=28" frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" />

If that's not enough to tickle your funny bone then how about getting the chance to become a Seagull? How many times have you glared at somebody you don't like and wished that a bird would come and poop on their head? Well now you can become that bird; poop away!

seagull gif

These transformations only last for a short while so don't get too excited thinking that you will gain the power of Transfiguration! Other animals that have claimed to be playable are: cats, dogs, sharks and deer! What animal are you hoping to play as? As for me, I'm hoping that when you collect all 27 peyote plants, you turn into a Dragon! (Dream big right?)

Published Nov. 19th 2014

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