These Resident Evil Enemies Are the Worst You'll Find in the Series

Grave Digger

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

The Grave Digger was one of the memorable monsters in Resident Evil 3 -- scary, disgusting and difficult for all the right reasons. But when it showed up in an otherwise entertaining light gun game called Umbrella Chronicles, The Grave Digger was one of the most frustrating encounters in any video game I've played.

You will encounter the creature very late on in the game -- and unfortunately at that point you're likely to be running low on both health and ammo. The creature attacks by flinging large boulders at you that you'll need waste even more ammunition on by shooting them mid air.

After the third or fourth attempt to beat this boss, you'll be wondering if it's even worth carrying on at all.

Published Jan. 24th 2017

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