Heroes Online Gameplay Trailer Revealed

The new gameplay trailer for Chaos Heroes Online describes the evolution of the game's development

If you are a fan of Defense of the Ancients, better known as DotA, then you might want to check out the gameplay trailer for moba, Chaos Heroes Online.

The video acts as an introduction to anyone unfamiliar with how Chaos Heroes Online came into existence. The narrator of the video states:

DotA was originally created by a user named Eul as Warcraft III custom map. In 2004, Eul left the modding scene, leaving his game code open for all to use and modify.

The narrator continues this explanation, describing how from the custom map, emerged different versions of DotA - DotA: Chaos and DotA: All Stars. Chaos Heroes Online evolved from DotA: Chaos, while DotA: Allstars became DotA 2

Even though Chaos Heroes Online developed from another game, along with DotA 2, the video introduces a few elements that make Chaos Heroes Online unique:

The developers of Chaos kept many RTS components, such as a heavy focus on consumables like Vampiric potion or dispel wand, and a greater map ability to teleport...This results in much faster and intense gameplay, that will challenge even the most experienced moba players.

The narrator also mentions an "ability to buy items anywhere on the map, or the time limit," as other aspects that make Chaos Heroes Online stand out.

According to the game's Twitter feed, there is no official release date yet. However, anyone who is interested in trying the game out can sign up for the beta, here.


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Published Aug. 23rd 2014

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