Bollywood dance number dropped from Saints Row IV!

Creative director reveals how Saints Row IV does NOT end.

Even though Saints Row IV is still a month away, it has been revealed how it DOESN'T end, and that is with a 3-minute Bollywood dance number.

Well the Bollywood number was what Saints Row IV's creative director Steve Jaros originally envisioned. At the 2013 San Diego Comic Com, Jaros revealed that his team was searching for a perfect Bollywood track to license and start production but "the stars didn't line up." Realizing it would cost too much, the team dropped the plan and devised a new ending.

“So we changed the ending into something different, but the spirit of the Bollywood dance number still happens, and it’s poetry in motion,” Jaros says. “It’s so good.”

Well the Bollywood dance number wasn't the only thing they dropped. Jaros says the team also desired to put a fire-breathing dragon in the title.

The upcoming sequel to the hugely popular Saints Row series hits the shelves on August 20 for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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Published Jul. 21st 2013

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