Top 5 Craziest Video Game Collector's Edition Bundles

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GRID2: Mono Edition

  • Price: $189,000
  • Released: May 31, 2013

Add another collector's edition to the "ripoff" category. This special edition of GRID2 included the game, a PlayStation 3 to play it on, and a brand new car for nearly $200,000. Not too bad at first glance because the car, a BAC Mono, looks pretty damn sweet, right?

There were 12 of these British supercars delivered to the United States, and they were sold at roughly $130,000. That means the game's decals all over the car are worth nearly $60,000. A paint job that's worth almost half the car? Uhhh...

Image credit: Top Speed

Published Feb. 27th 2015

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