Hellpoint Walkthrough Guide: How to Find the Ministry Credentials

Our step-by-step walkthrough guide shows you how to find the Ministry Credentials in Hellpoint.

There are a lot of secrets in Hellpoint. Some are hidden well, while others are hidden very well. When you reach the Sohn District (the first area after the Arcology), you'll come across a door requiring the Ministry Credentials. However, finding the hidden item can be relatively difficult. 

The walkthrough below will tell you exactly where to find the Ministry Credentials, as well as what's behind the door they unlock. 

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Hellpoint Ministry Credentials Location

Start from the Corpse Pit Breach in the Sohn District.

With the Breach to your back, follow the path through the doorway with the teal lighting around the edges. Go down the steps to your right, and then take a left at the bottom of the steps. 

The spawn stands at the base of metal stairs in a dark alleyway, staring down a large pole-wielding Daemon.

Go straight and fight or evade the tall, pole-wielding Daemon ahead. Follow the path through the metal fence, and continue straight. Go right at the next right. There will be a hanging body above you and a silver door with more teal lighting to your left. Go through the door. 

The spawn looking at a steel door with teal lights at the top of a set of stairs, a decaying body hangs overhead.

Follow the path and take the first left. Cross over the catwalk and kill the enemy. Then take the first left again. Follow the path right, go down the short corridor and defeat the two enemies. Then take the first right.

The player character standing in a tight hallway with two dead, bloody enemies lying on the ground.

Follow the path around and go straight through the next semi-large open area (you'll know it because there will be walls covered in leaves and vines on the right-hand side). Once past that, you'll come to a fork where you can go right or left. Go left. 

The player character stands next to a wall covered in vines as they look toward a fork at the end of a hallway.

Then take an immediate right at the room with the yellow light above it. Enter the room proper and take right, following the path around. This room has four enemies in it, so be careful. When you reach the ladder, climb down to the area below. 

A sign with block alien text lit in bright yellow shows the path through a dark, winding room of dead bodies.

Follow the path to the left and go up the stairs. Then climb the ladder. Enter the next room and go left. Go about halfway down the wall to find another ladder, and go up. Take out the fish enemy at the top and cross the catwalk. Take out the Tool Victim and the other fish enemy, and go through the door. 

The spawn holds a blue lighted axe and shield as they look across a metal bridge at a demon and fish enemy.

Go up the stairs and follow the path. You'll quickly come to an area where you're overlooking a room with a fish enemy and some glowing canisters.

Beware there are actually three fish enemies in this room, and breaking the glowing canisters will deal continuous electrical damage that can easily kill you.

The player stands on a metal ledge overlooking a room with green fish enemies and clear cylinders of bright blue light.

Jump down and defeat the enemies and then go through the door. Go left and take out the three enemies. Beware of more electrical canisters in this room. And be sure to pick up the Model: Warrior Saber blueprint while you're here. Now through the door and defeat the large, pole-wielding Daemon in the next room. 

After you defeat them, look for a hole in the floor on the right side of the room. Jump down and turn around. There is a gold item box in front of you. Pick it up to get the Ministry Credentials. You can also pick 3,333 Axions from the white loot box. 

The spawn stands in a metal room with a dead fish enemy on the floor covered in green blood.

You don't have to get the Ministry Credentials to move forward in the game. Instead, you need to beat the Arisen Congregators boss to clear the Sohn District (which you'll also need to do to find the Blacksmith). But there are some good items to grab behind the locked Ministry Credentials door. 

First, you'll be able to grab the Sinew Reinforcement body module, which helps you "perform more with less Stamina, but suffer from weaker Constitution." 

If you continue through the area and go to the roof via the ladder upstairs, you'll be able to find a gold coin and the Research Goggles.

You can also jump over to the neighboring building (the one with the blue, electrical cylinders) and grab the Dagrass Tower Key. As of right now, though, I'm not sure what this key opens, and many on the Hellpoint forums seem to also be at a loss. 

That's all you need to know about how to find the Ministry Credentials and where to use them. For more tips and tricks for Hellpoint, be sure to head over to our guide page

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Published Aug. 19th 2020

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