Battle Flow Tips and Tricks Beginner's Guide

Use these tips and tricks to become a card drawing master with our ultimate guide to Battle Flow, the new mobile card game from 3Dude Club.

Do you have the finger dexterity needed to succeed in the rough world of Battle Flow? The new card game from developer 3Dude Club is gaining popularity for its quick and addictive gameplay, but it takes some practice. Want to learn how to improve more quickly or make the most lucrative deck? Follow our Battle Flow guide for all the tips and tricks we've picked up along the way.

How to Get Faster at Battle Flow

The quick tutorial gives you the basics of the game: draw cards to gain hype, and fill up your hype bar before your opponent to win. In this case, the game literally wants you to draw the cards, with your finger, a stylus, your nose, whatever. The concept may seem simple, but you'll find soon enough that the game can be pretty punishing about coloring inside the lines, a skill you never thought you'd need to use after kindergarten. So what's the secret to drawing Battle Flow cards?

The key is to find a balance between speed and accuracy. Draw too fast and you increase the chance of messing up or having to redraw from a certain point (drawing too fast sometimes leaves the shining blue guideline behind). Draw too slowly and you run out of time. We found that focusing on the space just in front of the guideline is the most effective way to stay inside the lines. If you have a stylus, whip it out for this! Using one makes it easier to see what you're doing, and it creates a thinner line than a finger.

How to Win More Battle Flow Fights

So you've mastered the basics of card drawing, and now it's time to pay more attention to points and attributes. Some things to remember while you're playing:

  • Each card you correctly draw earns you hype based on your Authority attribute.
  • You lose 5 hype points for each card you fail to draw correctly.
  • How much time you get per round depends on your Audacity attribute.
  • Attribute-increasing items can be bought at the base. Remember to equip them in the Char sheet to get the boost.
  • Card streaks of 4 or so cards earns you a large hype bonus.

In other words: To see a huge improvement immediately, raise your Authority and Audacity attributes, prioritize accuracy over speed for bonus points, and make use of items. You can also watch a video at the slot machine to earn certain boosts and rewards. All the small boosts add up to make a big difference (one second more on the round's clock can help you squeeze in one more streak in the round, for instance!).

a good deck building strategy is a must in Battle Flow

How to Build an Effective Deck in Battle Flow

You can customize your deck in Battle Flow by moving cards from your Stack (active cards) to your Deck (inactive cards). There are a few things to take into consideration when you're building your deck:

  • All bronze cards are worth the same amount.
  • Different silver cards have different effects, such as adding time to your round, removing hype from your opponent, giving you a point bonus, and more.
  • Gold cards have no actual effect on the battle's outcome, and you can only use each once per battle (they burn up after use but return to your inventory after the fight).
  • Silver and gold cards have thinner outlines and are harder to draw -- they can mess up your streak.
  • Using the same card over and over decreases its value. (In fact, if you use it enough times, you actually start losing points and giving your opponent points!).
  • You can get more cards by completing battles or by paying gold tickets at the card library (the laptop surrounded by books) 4 times every 24 hours.

To build the best deck, you'll need to play around and see which cards you find easy to draw and which ones you tend to mess up on. Since all the bronze cards have the same value, and deck size doesn't seem to make a difference, we recommend this method for building the most powerful deck:

  1. Remove cards you aren't good at from your stack.
  2. Remove all card multiples.
  3. Test each silver card you receive to see what its effect is. Keep useful cards in your stack (just remember they might break up your flow, so make sure they're actually useful!).

These three simple steps will optimize your deck's performance and ensure bonuses and quick hype buildup in battles.

Choosing the right cards for optimal deck performance in Battle Flow

How to Get More Gold Tickets and Money

Since the item shop and card library are both great resources for improving your Battle Flow game, you'll need to learn how to earn cash and tickets quickly. The best way to earn both is by fighting in battles -- especially against the first opponent, Terry Buffalo. Every time you defeat Buffalo, you earn $500 (or $1,000 if it's your first time fighting him), plus 3 more treasures at the end of the fight, which is usually more tickets and cash. By just fighting Buffalo a couple of times, you can amass a hefty pile of loot, so it's worth grinding him a bit.

Another way to earn potential cash and tix is through the slot machine, which gives you a chance to earn both ... if you're lucky.


And finally, remember: there's no penalty for fleeing from or losing a fight! So if a fight isn't going your way, you can always try again,

Now flex those fingers because thanks to our guide, you're about to become a Battle Flow master!


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Published Feb. 19th 2018

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