Headphones Missing Audio Fix to Come After Xbox One Release

Headphones will be missing an audio option at Xbox One release.

The Xbox One release has gone off and there are several people across the world settling in for a long night of gaming on their new system. For those users who like to use headsets, they will find something is missing. Their headsets do not get Dolby Digital audio like they did with the Xbox One's predecessor, the 360.

Hope is not lost, however, according to a statement released by Microsoft about the missing audio option. Albert Penello, Senior Director of Product Management and Planning at Microsoft, released a statement via the gaming forum NeoGAF. Dolby Digital audio for headsets is coming, but it will be post launch.

This only pertains to headsets. HDMI connections do get the Dolby Digital audio through the connection. Headsets only receive Stereo and DTS.

As of now, a date for when a fix for this issue has not been released. All Penello stated was that it was coming. He did not mention how this issue was not addressed prior to Xbox One release.

Platforms Xbox One
Published Feb. 8th 2018
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    There will be a lot of bugs and problems that will emerge in the future. Hopefully Microsoft fixes this issue soon.

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