To Internity and Beyond - One Bad Joke, Still Full of Laughs

Shoduran shares his feelings on his first phase as an intern at GameSkinny.

This is my first internship. It's my very first internship anywhere. Becoming an intern to GameSkinny bar none was new, refreshing, experimenting, and of course frustrating. It is however frustration I feel that pays off. This is something you have to remember and maintain as not only a single thought but as a pursuing drive. It pays off. That's the business.

Remembering this is key, because GameSkinny really is doing at least one big favor for us in the long run: our work is published and available to be read for a long time to come. It sets ourselves to the eyes of the online world. For this, I'm a little grateful.

It was certainly new and refreshing to be a part of a team, working and getting to know people in an established curriculum and work force. We shared our likes and helped to urge each other from one article to the next. While I may have been frustrated from time to time with blank ideas or meeting certain deadlines, it's a world I know that I and many others will need to become accustom to meeting head on.

So thanks, and good luck to any and everyone moving on to the next phase.

Published Aug. 2nd 2013

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