5 Games That Will Get You Ready For Monster Hunter World


Price: Free-to-play

Get it on: Their official website & Steam

Available on: PC, PS4 and Xbox ONE

Warframe is an action co-op game that has "space ninjas with guns," and yes it's just as cool as it sounds. With a wide variety of both guns and melee weapons there is always an option that suits your playstyle. Warframe's awesome gameplay is supported by amazingly fun combat, very nice looking graphics and hours upon hours of fun. 

While Warframe and Monster Hunter seem to have little to no similarities, however they both feature one major component that is essential to both games; grinding. Grinding resources for your gear and upgrades is critical to both Warframe and Monster Hunter while the success you feel after acquiring your gear - and thus the materials for it - all by yourself is awesome and keeps players coming back to each respective game. These mechanics will have you pouring hundreds if not thousands of hours into either one of the two games.

Some Warframe veterans have even stated that the real fun of the game starts after +1000 hours into the game. Whether that is true or not can be discussed at another time, but the fact is that both games have a really grindy nature and rely heavily on their crafting system. If you want to be able to handle the grind of Monster Hunter, check out Warframe to find your inner grinding guru.

Published Feb. 24th 2018

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