A Man Can Dream: 5 Games Perfect for the Nintendo Switch


Chances of getting Switched: 50 percent

I will be supporting Skyrim for the Switch by purchasing the game. I want Skyrim to do well for one reason, show Bethesda that your titles will sell well on the Switch. I am glad that the Switch has a game as big as Skyrim even if it is a port of a 5-year-old game. It’s still a big deal and Nintendo should treat it as such.

The Fallout series is incredibly popular and, like the Dark Souls series, would be perfect on the go. If Bethesda sees potential gain and profits from Skyrim selling well on the console, then they will return to do business with Nintendo. If Skyrim does well, then Fallout on the Switch will be a possibility.

Published Jan. 18th 2017

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