It's About To Go Down: Leaked Pokemon X and Y Final Starter Evolutions

Well these escalated quickly.

If you have been literally salivating at the epic perfection that is going to be Pokemon X and Y, then by this point expectations are so high for the final starter evolutions that I literally can't even handle it. There have been HUNDREDS of fake final evolutions, many of which look so awesome it's no wonder expectations for the official evolutions have been high.

However multiple sources have been circulating leaked game screenshots and touting the forms below as the final starter evolutions. I will let you make your own judgement and keep my butthurt fangirl feels out of it. But for the love of all things, I'm going to hope these are fake. Obviously, this is a SPOILER ALERT.

Supposedly the final forms will be Chessnaught (Grass/Fighting), Delphox (Fire/Psychic) and Greninja (Water/Dark). Images of all three can be seen below.


Fortunately Unfortunately these may be actually be the official finals, considering the starters were supposedly based on fantasy starter classes: Greninja as the rogue/thief, Delphox as the mage/wizard and Chesnaught as the knight/paladin. As a fan of the genre it was a very cool idea to base the starters on, but I am just questioning the execution. I'm just glad the fire/fighting starter curse has finally been lifted, and the type combinations and inspiration are interesting enough to still carry the designs through.

Otherwise... I'm just going to say it.... something about the transition into the final forms is throwing me off, and I am definitely getting a take-em-or-leave-em vibe.

For Fennekin's sake I really want to like Delphox, but I'm still thinking #hotmess with the robe design and where is my stick wand/staff/broom?! Greninja has merit (tongue scarf and all), and Chesnaught suits the goofy paladin trope so much it kind of works in an oddly endearing (but still slightly fugly) kind of way. But again, they will no doubt look a lot better in game than they do in a few grainy screenshots.

So I will leave the judgement to you dear readers, and be sure to check out more screens here and here. 

Is Greninja the less of three evils? Can you get down with Dephox? Plan on keeping it classy with Chesnaught? I will say their names are awesome and I approve of all of them. As for everything else, only time will tell. My body is ready for Pokemon X and Y anyway so these could have all looked like poop and I still would have bought both the games.

Is anyone else feeling these final evolution forms? And is anyone else still kinda sort of hoping these are fake?

Platforms 3DS
Published Oct. 4th 2013
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    I like Geninja the most, he's pretty cool and I will most likely choose that as my starter if this is true, I'm also going to have Charizard so that's more of a reason. Delphox does look awkward, but I can buy it, it is still similar to the previous. Chesnaught just looks completely different. I don't mind too much how it looks, but it doesn't seem to fit.
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    These final evolutions have to be fake! At least I hope they are! Greninja, okay fine, I can see the transformation from Frogadier but Delphox and Chesnaught look like they are from some spoof series. I agree with you and hope these aren't official but I will still buy the games either way...
  • GirlGoneGaming
    I honestly want them to be fake so bad I'm about to burst a blood vessel, but the more I stalk the internet the more proof there is to validate these. Nintodo has been purging the internet of reviewers who got the game early and were leaking screenshots, but a few were able to avoid being taken down. I am a slave to my passions and will by both regardless (pre-ordered) but much as I have seen these are most likely the legit forms. Which means they are getting boxed as far as I'm concerned

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