Firefall is Currently Broken But Could be Great

Tiring combat, lack of depth, and broken PvP are just some of the reasons Firefall does not excel. However, further along down the line this broken shooter could be great.

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Published Aug. 28th 2014
  • Jero_9079
    I agree with this. The game shows potential, but right now it's just so repetitive and well, boring.
    Especially all the walking that has to be done becomes a drag and vehicles hidden behind a paywall aren't exactly nice either.

    Also during a few quests where I can to kill really big spider like creatures (forgot their name) they were nearly impossible to hit because they moved extremely fast for their size. It didn't really make sense to me, but in order to be able to hit them I had to go with the grenade launcher to at least get some splash damage on them.

    Game looks really nice though for a f2p. Long view distance in the colorful and interesting world do the game well. To me this game could have the potential to become a PS2 killer if they could get the pvp right and make it so that hundreds of players can participate in base attacks/defenses.

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