Trigon Summoned to DC Universe Online

The first news on the new DC Universe Online DLC, Sons of Trigon.

The powerful DC villain Trigon is to be summoned to DC Universe Online, in its upcoming expansion, Sons of Trigon.

 The inter-dimensional demon Trigon will be the centerpiece of the DLC, revolving around his three sons Jesse (representing the sin of envy), Jacob (representing the sin of lust) and Jared (representing the sin of wrath) attempting to bring him into the dimension.

**It's a pain to get a decent photo guys - sorry.**
The Gotham Wasteland

The main setting for the DLC will be a few warped portions of Gotham City, such as Amusement Mile, Knightsdome, and the Cathedral. Each area is controlled by one of the Sons of Trigon, and the environments and enemies will each represent the look and feel of that particular son. These will act as three new duo instances for heroes and villains to tackle.

Trigon’s Prison

The expansion is also coming equipped with a bunch of other new features, such as a new alert. The alert charges players with entering Trigon’s prison to either imprison him again or steal his power for personal gain. DCUO developers say players will see many ghosts in the prison, which is adjacent to catacombs that hold some of Gotham’s most powerful families. If you haven’t already guessed, a few of the confirmed families to make appearances are the Falcone’s, the Cobblepot’s, and (obviously) the Wayne family.

Developers also say each play through will be slightly different in order to give the heroes and villains up for the challenge a little bit of flexibility.

And as a side note the developers mentioned that Trigon has received a new character model to increase his menacing detail. While they didn’t have a screenshot, they did confirm that he’s “massive.” One of the developers mentioned that when you stand up to him it looks as though you’re standing on his dinner table, so get ready to be devoured.

**Pretty cool almost screenshots though, right?**

The (Celestial) Power

A new power class will also be introduced called Celestial powers.  There are both Blessed and Cursed Celestial powers - I’ll let you figure out which faction is more predisposed to which leg of the power.

Interestingly, though, the powers can be mixed and matched from Cursed to Blessed and vice-versa. This opens up new gameplay possibilities depending upon which order you decide to unlock the powers. For example, if you start with a Blessed power, and then upgrade with a Cursed power, you’ll get a Cleanse power. If you do the opposite you’ll then have a corrupt power.

Let’s Split

In Sons of Trigon, Raven’s soul has been split in two. This story facet will allow players to conquer one of the two Ravens and unlock new and exciting items. This venture is the new weekly bounty. Now, it should go without saying that the different sides will receive different gear – but I said it anyway (just in case). This actually ties in with some of the new gear that you’ll be able to purchase with your coveted Marks of Reality; you see, the heroes will be able to get the blessed set, while the villains will (obviously) be able to purchase the cursed set. In order to get the opposite set you must defeat the appropriate incarnation of Raven.

**Seriously though - sorry. It's hard to get direct screenshots if you're not IGN.**

Obligatory PlayStation 4 Stuff

Not that many of the fans care, but DCUO is also going to be on the PlayStation 4 (applaud). Details are few and far between, but the developers did say the game looks “stunning.”

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That being said – what are you most looking forward to in the new DCUO DLC, Sons of Trigon? Are you aching to pummel the allotted version of Raven, or perhaps giving Trigon the fate he deserves? Sound off in the comments down below and maybe I’ll let you watch as I get pummeled like a small child in the Gotham Wasteland!

Published Aug. 7th 2013

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