Hyrule Warriors on the 3DS will have "effect limitations" depending on 3D model

It's confirmed that Hyrule Warriors Legends will have better game play on the New Nintendo 3DS; where older models won't support 3D.

During a recent interview with Hyrule Warrior Legends producer Hayashi Yosuke, he described that on the older models of the Nintendo 3DS, there will be 3D limitations within Hyrule Warriors, which will unfortunately not support the 3D option. 

The technical limitations within the game are due to the heightened level of actions that Hyrule Warriors Legends produces with the characters (enemies) on screen. Being a full-fledged fighting game in the Zelda era, it's expected to be more advanced; but even I couldn't have imagined that the 3D wouldn't be compatible on older models. 

Hardware quality is more outstanding on New 3DS models

When it comes down to specs, the hardware quality on Nintendo's New 3DS model is much better than the original or even XL models that are only a few years old. From processing power, to the additional control stick and even the built-in near field communication, there are games that have been specifically designed for the system. Now, Hyrule Warriors Legends will join them and be more compatible on the newer models. 

Bringing amiibos to the game

Since amiibos are becoming a huge trend in Nintendo's newer games such as Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Super Mario Maker, Yosuke confirmed that there is a type of amiibo support in Hyrule Warriors mobile 3D edition like the Wii U edition has. 

There is still plenty of time until Hyrule Warriors Legends releases on the 3DS, with an estimated date of early 2016. In the meantime, there is bound to be more releases of information and details on the highly anticipated Zelda-esque fighting game. 

Do you plan on buying the mobile edition called Hyrule Warriors Legends? Will it be an easier game to pick up and play versus the Wii U edition? Share your opinions below!

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Published Sep. 22nd 2015

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