Wakfu added as native program for Ubuntu

Wakfu is coming to... Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an open source, Linux-based operating system that is free to download and use. Until the recent addition of Steam, this operating system was not used frequently by gamers. Most games within the OS are mostly ports or indie games that can be downloaded normally for free or at a very small fee. You will see some popular titles such as World of Goo, Machinarium and Minecraft, the quality of games is few and far between and not many games have much in the graphics department. Thanks to Steam, Ubuntu has a fighting chance to become a legitimate OS to use for gaming.

Another welcome addition is a humorous, turn based strategy MMORPG by the name of Wakfu. Like most games on Ubuntu, this game is also free to play and can be downloaded directly from www.wakfu.com.

What is Wakfu?

In Wakfu, a game created by Square-Enix (of Final Fantasy fame), a player is asked to choose from one of 14 player classes. These classes vary from assassins to gambling warriors. Like most MMOs, each class has its strengths and weaknesses and are upgraded as you level your character up. In addition to strategy, politics and ecology are an important part of the game. You heard me right; I said ecology.

Not only do you have to take care of your character, the living environment in the game is managed by the community as well. Animals and plant-life must be given care or shown abuse, resulting in the preservation or extinction of species and plant-life in the world. Just like in real life, the less you take care of your environment, the better the climate and atmosphere react.

Free game on a free OS

In a time where everyone is pinching pennies and digging through bargain bins for games, it is nice to see a big name developer put out a game with above average reviews. Like most free-to-play MMOs, Wakfu has a premium option and in-game purchases. If you use Ubuntu, Wakfu is a welcome alternative to World of Warcraft or other MMOs that do not support the OS. With a more mainstream following and time, Ubuntu may receive native support for bigger name MMOs. Until that happens, MMO fans will be pleased with Wakfu.   

Wakfu is also available for, Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Published Jul. 17th 2013

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