100 Of The Best Boss Fights: 100 - 91

96.) Serious Sam 3 - The Guardian Of Time

I love the Serious Sam franchise, it's the right combination of challenge, old school FPS action and cheesy humour. Serious Sam has always had epic boss fights with gigantic enemies, which has a special place in my heart. The final boss in Serious Sam 3 is pure chaos, seeing as it takes about an hour to get to him. Because you have to fight through about two-thousand enemies just to start the fight, and when you do, about a hundred more enemies show up. Grab a Jetpack and get ready to fly. All you need is one of the conveniently placed metal rods and throw it at the guardians back. After six rods you should be able to nuke him down with a few serious cannon shots. Try not to get stomped on though, and make sure your jetpack fuel does not run out while you are a couple hundred feet up. 

Published Mar. 6th 2014

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