EGX Teams up with Amazon

Retail giant Amazon and EGX team up to bring exciting surprises to the UK's largest gaming convention this year.

EGX, the UK's largest gaming convention, is teaming up with Amazon this year. Amazon has been announced as their new official retail partner. They are also working together with publishers to bring more to the show this year.

EGX is an event that will be held from September 22- 25 at the NEC in Birmingham. Attendees will be able to meet designers, developers, and eSports community members at the Career Fair. Convention goers can also enjoy table top games and a variety of gaming lounge areas. Gaming areas will feature both modern and older titles for fans to enjoy. 

EGX goers will be able to pre-order games and hardware via Amazon in person. Amazon will also serve as the hub of any and all convention content, from livestreams, to in-depth information on all the products at the convention -- which is possible due to Amazon buying Twitch back in 2014.

Amazon will also hold a monthly prize drawing which will reward 100 lucky winners with tickets to the event. The Amazon EGX hub can be used to stay up to date with any convention news.

Those looking forward to the convention can purchase tickets via the EGX website.

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Published Jun. 6th 2016

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