Use All Your Current Gen Controllers on Next Gen with CronusMax, Even Keyboard and Mouse

Don't pack up those old controllers just yet, they work just fine on next gen systems.

Sony and Microsoft have spent millions of dollars on developing their next-gen controllers to suit a range of game genres. This is all fine and dandy for game genres that were born on Sony and Microsoft consoles, but what about genres that pre-date PlayStation and Xbox?

The fighting game genre was born in arcades, with a control scheme prominently centered around a stick with 4 to 6 face buttons. We haven't seen a console launch with a controller using that button layout since the Sega Saturn. Thankfully, over the years there have been companies producing fightsticks for consoles that brings the arcade feel home, the biggest being Mad Catz.

As I previously reported, next-gen consoles have launched... and it has been pretty rough for stick players. Sony has officially said that PS3 fightsticks would work on PS4 if the developers chose to add that feature. Injustice: Gods Among Us is currently the only fighting game on PS4, and has been confirmed as incompatible with every fightstick on the market... with even MarkMan from Mad Catz saying PS4 was not compatible with PS3 sticks. The Xbox One doesn't fare much better, with no 360 controller support and a wallet draining $200 Killer Instinct Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 as the only option available on that platform. 

Similarly, the FPS genre originated on PC with a keyboard and mouse layout. Games like Halo made significant strides towards assisted aiming using a less accurate analog stick, but there are still many purists out there that prefer mouse aiming. 

Were next-gen consoles just so space-age-high-tech that our mere "last-gen" tinker toy controllers couldn't communicate with them? The Rosetta Stone has been found; I give you: the CronusMax.

PS4 controller on Xbox One, 360 controller on PS4, WiiU Classic Controller on Xbox One, PS4 on 360, even keyboard and mouse on Xbox One... it's an orgy of control options. The best part is the cost is about the same as a new game.

Sony and Microsoft could have easily had legacy support for older devices... they simply chose not to.

Being a new product, it is hard to say at the moment just how well this device works. Similar converters in the past have suffered from input lag. Also, if this is really a scheme by Sony and Microsoft to make you buy new peripherals, they could possibly update their consoles to block this device. Sony has blocked an adaptor that let you play with 360 controllers on PS3 in the past. 

Still, this brings up a pretty big point. If an adaptor like this was made less than a month after these consoles released, it wasn't that difficult to make. Sony and Microsoft could have easily had legacy support for older devices... they simply chose not to.

Maybe the GameSkinny test lab can give the CronusMax a try when they're not too busy running laptop cases over with cars.

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Published Dec. 11th 2013
  • Jefferson Koppe

    I see that you have hosted this webpage -

    Firstly, thank you so much for doing so. This device (CronusMAX, now called Titan One) was created and developed by my team here at ConsoleTuner, and we are so glad you like it. However, the link you have in your post do not point to us, so if you could please change the link to our official web site - - that would be fantastic.

    Many Thanks,

    Jefferson Koppe
  • Jeremy_5377
    The guy from Cronusmax said the one for the ps4 doesn't exist. I really need one. does the cronus for the ps4 work or not
  • Envadi
    I bought the xboxone Just to play killer instinct, and I was mad because my 2 fightsticks didn't work so I gave this Cronus max adapter a chance. Been using it for 2 weeks and my 2 fightsticks work really well, one is a madcatz MLG TE fightstick and the other is a HORI VX SA Kai, I don't feel any lag at all. I'm planning to upload a vid with the demo. The only thing is that you can't use your xboxone controller.
  • Geo_6071
    Any lag setbacks due to usage of such peripheral?
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    that's the million dollar question at the moment. Converters are also known to be power hogs... so devices the like the 360 were not able to run 2 converters at once. We won't know until someone gets to test it.
  • Big Chief 1
    Featured Correspondent
    That's awesome. Thanks for sharing!
  • Chase_2973
    So what's the deal with the mouse and keyboard support that you talk about? That's something I want real bad with my PS4

    I see this at the very bottom of their "Mouse & Keyboard Control" section...

    "Note: A Windows-PC is required while using the keyboard & mouse together"

    So does that mean you can't use both unless your on a PC? If that's the case then what's the point of even advertising the function unless they are purposefully doing some sly false advertising.
  • Ryan Kerns
    Featured Columnist
    If you go to 5:30 in the video you'll see him using a keyboard and mouse on Xbox One. It is my understanding that you need a Windows-PC to configure the device to map your buttons and mouse sensitivity... but then the CronusMax operates as an adapter. Hard to say for sure at the moment until someone actually gets to test it.
  • Chai Chien Liang
    Using some controllers cross-platform should be an intriguing experience, will be great if it works well!
  • Miranda Kirk
    Featured Columnist
    It's interesting that this comes out after everyone probably already bought enough controllers for their consoles haha! But if it works, it might save the Christmas bunch from having to buy new controllers.

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