Black Friday: Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon 3DS Bundle

Get your Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon 3DS bundle this Friday!

This Friday Nintendo's releasing a new 3DS bundle. Included in this bundle is Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon and a 3DS. This is a very kid friendly game and would be the perfect Christmas gift.

The original Luigi's Mansion released years ago for the Gamecube, and was loads of fun. Instead of playing as Mario you played as Luigi, using a vacuum to defeat ghosts. Dark Moon is the sequel to the original, only available on the 3DS, which released back in March.

You can find this bundle in stores this Friday for $170. If Luigi's Mansion isn't the game for you, you can also pick up a 2DS for $99 or a 3DS XL for $150. With these deals, a new DS would be a great buy for anyone this holiday season.

UPDATE: Since posting this article, @NintendoAmerica tweeted a deal from ToysRUs.

There are also several character-themed deals coming to the Nintendo eShop. The Zelda deals just ended, but there are still several themes left.

  • MegaMan - 11/21-11/28
  • Mario - 11/28-12/5
  • Donkey Kong 12/5-12/12

Make sure you don't miss out on any of the Black Friday madness, or Nintendo's special holiday offers.

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Published Nov. 25th 2013

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