5 Pre-Emptive tips for surviving Dying Light: The Following

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With Dying Light's first official DLC The Following releasing tomorrow, February 9th, we thought you'd like to know some general tips on how to survive the deadly countryside before diving in.

This massive add-on sees our hero Kyle Crane enter the farmlands outside Harran, looking for people rumored to be immune to the deadly virus. What he finds is a local cult reluctant to help and tougher zombies than he's ever faced before. 

In a recent interview/playthrough with IGNDying Light producer Tymon Smektala let it slip that The Following is not for the faint of heart. This expansion is made for players who were good at the original game. A true sequel to the original, simply smashed onto the same disc.

With so many new mechanics in the game, it's high time someone told players which ones to look out for. Today, that's going to be me. 

Be sure to keep your browsers glued to GameSkinny over the next couple weeks. In-depth guides on Dying Light: The Following will be issued following its release!

Published Feb. 8th 2016

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