5 Pre-Emptive tips for surviving Dying Light: The Following

1. Drive

It's no coincidence that nearly every image you'll see of Dying Light: The Following has a buggy in it. An all new mechanic, driving vehicles is your ticket to traveling about the countryside - and staying alive while doing so.

With the amount of driving featured in trailers and gameplay footage, I'm surprised this DLC hasn't landed the descriptor "racing." However, it only makes sense to drive in the country. Rather than running for miles on end in the extremely exposed grasslands - which happen to be filled with the undead - you can drive a dune-buggy absolutely outfitted for war. 

Buggies can be used singlehandedly or as a pair in co-op situations with one driver and one gunner. Even better, if your co-op gunner gets tired, unleash hell on the fields of undead with equipped special weapons like an electrified battering ram. 

One of the very first quests in The Following has players receiving their buggy, so there is no instance when you should leave home without it. 

Published Feb. 8th 2016

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