Leaked Trailer Screenshots from Telltale's Upcoming Game of Thrones Series

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New photos possibly taken from the trailer for Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series appeared Sunday on Twitter.

Twitter user @lifelower posted them earlier today, with no indication as to whether they're from the upcoming trailer or from the game itself. (The user later deleted the tweeted photos, but not before the Internet could get its eyes on them.) The photos' style and quality imply that it couldn't have come from anywhere but a Telltale game.

Take a look at the screenshots and decide for yourself. (Also decide which character in Telltale's series has the best frown.) See here for more on Telltale's Game of Thones, including the probable 2014 release date and how the series will follow the show.


Clearly the beloved queen mother, Cersei Lannister. The style in these photos suggests that Telltale is going for a somewhat cleaner look than that of its previous titles.

It's not entirely clear who these characters are, but Telltale has said that its series will focus on the lower House Forrester. Players will take control of various members of that house and play out an original storyline, with the events of the show running parallel to it.


At first glance, this character seems to be Jamie Lannister, but the dark hair and unfamiliar surroundings clearly point to a part of Westeros far away from King's Landing. It's likely this is one of the playable characters of House Forrester, the main focus of Telltale's game.

Again, more unfamiliar faces. The guy on the left could possibly be Ramsay Bolton, although the lack of a crazed demeanor means it probably isn't him. The background implies a stronghold in the North, or possibly Stannis' seat of Dragonstone. Telltale has clearly stated that Game of Thrones will focus on five characters' separate, yet intertwined stories. They've also stated that these characters will see much of Essos in addition to the cities of Westeros.


First impressions would say this is Catelyn Stark (and given that the game will cover Seasons 3 and 4 of the show, it may well be). Some quick research says that the sigil in the background is that of House Blackwood, a lesser house sworn to House Tully, in the Riverlands (and Catelyn's house before she married). Because the game will cover a variety of locales in Westeros, there's no way to know for sure if this is really Catelyn, and whether it's an event from the main storyline or that from Telltale's original Forrester story.

Again we see the one with the Jamie-style parted hair, with another unidentified (and battle-worn) character. He very well could be one of the five playable characters. Not all of the five characters will be of the Forrester family, just related to them one way or another.


This is clearly Margery Tyrell, in the throne room of King's Landing. It makes sense, as Margery plays a big part in Seasons 3 and 4 on the show. What's interesting is how Telltale is going for softer lines and shading, as opposed to the style of The Wolf Among Us. We can't know if this is in any way representative of the final product, though. 

Published Nov. 16th 2014

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