New Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Gameplay Trailer Released!

From secret bases, Gym Leaders, Pikachu in adorable outfits, to new Megas! What a week for Pokemon fans!

Wow, what a glorious week for Pokémon Trainers! With the giveaway of Vivillion, the news of Secret Bases, and now Mega Metagross! Although all these stories were already covered, the The Official Pokémon Channel released a trailer Monday compiling an exciting blend of new information. Let's go through the trailer:

We first see the new character designs for some of the gym leaders and Elite Four members in action, along with the 3D gyms. 

Roxanne, the first Pokémon Gym Leader,  is seen in her rock paradise. We also see Norman, Brawly, Wattson,  and Flannery in their respective Gyms along with Elite Four Sidney and Phoebe. Luckily there is a good preview of the battle stages, Gym decorations, and the awesome 3D animation. 

The next announcement reads "Pikachu likes to cosplay?!" followed by hilarious and adorable outfits modeled by Pikachu. It is hinted that this will be a part of the Pokémon Contests featured in the game. Pokémon Contests first showed up in Ruby and Sapphire, so it will exciting to see what is added to the original experience. 

We touched on the Super-Secret Base news last week, but the trailer shows a more detailed, animated of what was reported. We can see Aarune, the character who will teach the player all about the world of Secret Bases. There are many decoration options, including the set-up for the players very own Pokémon Gym! Check out our article on the new updates to secret bases here. (I also came across this Super-Secret Base gameplay video in Japanese here).

Finally, the Mega Metagross! We get to see this new Mega in action after last weeks CoroCoro leak.

So many things to look forward to! What new features and Megas do you hope to see? 

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Published Jul. 15th 2014

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