9 minutes of Pokemon Go beta footage leaks

Australian beta tester shares nine minutes of gameplay.

Nine minutes of footage from the Australian beta of Pokemon Go has leaked, thanks to YouTube user DarkAthion.

The footage shows off various game features -- such as trainer customisation, Pokemon Gyms, map exploration, and egg hatching. 

By visiting certain landmarks on the map, trainers can collect helpful items for their quests. The gym system is also shown momentarily, depicting the trainer choosing one of three teams and leaving a Geodude to fight in their name. Pokemon won't return to your collection until they're defeated at the gym.

Eggs return in Pokemon Go, where you'll have to walk a certain distance to make them hatch, akin to the main games. The Pokedex also returns in full here, challenging players to once again to catch them all.

Pokemon Go was revealed last year, developed in partnership with Niantic Labs. While there is no release date outlined as of yet, the game is set for a 2016 release. 

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Published Apr. 27th 2016

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