CCP Games Announces Former Electronic Arts Executive Sean Decker as Senior Vice President

New blood at the top for CCP Games, creators of EVE Online and DUST 514.

Sean Decker, former Vice President of Electronic Arts “Play4Free” group was unveiled today as CCP Games' new Senior Vice President of Product Development.

In a press release, CCP Games explained that Decker will be based in their Atlanta office and will “lead the company’s worldwide game development, overseeing the company’s studios in Reykjavik, Shanghai, Atlanta, and Newcastle.”

In his career for EA and DICE, Decker has directed titles such as the Medal of Honor and Command & Conquer as well as the Battlefield and Mirror's Edge franchises.

 Officers on Deck

“I’m looking forward to helping CCP continue its tremendous growth. I’ve admired the company’s commitment to its games and players from afar for years, and now I’ll be able to be a part of that effort from the inside. I can’t wait to get started.” - Sean Decker, CCP press release, 2nd July 2013.

In the press release, CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson stated, “The next few years will be the most important in the company’s history, as we build on the launch of DUST 514, expand EVE Online, continue development of World of Darkness, and kick start our efforts in mobile gaming.”

As CCP Games looks to build on existing titles and broaden its portfolio, former Executive Producer of EVE Online, Jon Lander, has been positioned to lead the push into mobile gaming.

According to the CCP Games Jobs Website, the position of Executive Producer for EVE Online remains vacant.

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Published Aug. 4th 2017
  • Eve enthusiast
    CCP you are fucking up. stahp.
  • Chris_6496
    Let's hope that this doesn't come with EA's "monitizeation" strategy
  • EVE Player
    As longterm dissatisfied (and enraged) EA-Customer, seeing this company destroy one of the longest lasting, revolutionary (first motion capturing in a sports game) Game series with "NBA Live" and being literally the "f**k-you-customer-we-only-want-your-money"-rolemodel, i´m awestruck by this news. I feel deeply sad, but hope for the best, cause i love this game.
  • NibblerSA
    Amen to that. One can only hope this bloke does not bring all that EA baggage with him to CCP, but omg, the thoughts going through my head are not happy one's, not when EA is mentioned in the same sentence as EVE.
  • NibblerSA
    Oh shit.
  • Dirk_6035
    And here comes the horrible customer service, game breaking DRM and a worse DLC model. Good game CCP. GG

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