GW2 Fashion - I Swear I Lift: the Thief

Enemies immediately retreat from this monster on sight. I Swear I Lift must use the element of surprise to ambush the opposition!

This is I Swear I Lift, #1 Thief NA also known as The Gamechanger: representing [SG] Shadow Gypsies on Jade Quarry.


The outfit being worn is full Sylvari T1 Cultural except the headpiece, which is from the Twilight Arbor medium set. The dyes used are Violet Ice, Violet Breeze, and Lilac. You can find I Swear I Lift on the WvW battlefield, stabbing baddies.


Note: I hope I didn't miss the entry, it says Tuesday at midnight .. and this is Tuesday and it's before midnight!


Published Aug. 14th 2013

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