Mirror's Edge Composer returns for Catalyst

Solar Fields returns to compose Mirror's Edge Catalyst with an "even deeper and more dynamic musical experience" than the first.

The composer for Mirror's edge, Solar Fields, will return for Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Fields says that he's been playing Catalyst himself in order to find to right emotion and feeling for not only each character, but also each scene.

The first Mirror's Edge, released in 2008, was filled with electronic music that many fans loved. It already seems that Fields is receiving a warm welcome from the community in round 2. 

Fields says he's approaching the project on a hands-on level to create the best musical environment possible:

"I’m looking at the script, the biographies on all the characters, and of course the design of the city of Glass. When I’m on-site at DICE I go through each of the missions with the level designers and producers."

The electronica soundtrack familiar to the original will proceed into Catalyst with the continuation of the Fields's unique mixture of "analogue technology with modern synthesizers... modular systems, lo-fi synthesizers, VHS tape recorders..." and really, anything that gives him inspiration. 

Fields explains that in Mirror's Edge, the music was limited to one stereo channel, where now they have four. Fields is hopeful that it will allow him to "create an even deeper and more dynamic musical experience" than the first one.

The fans and Fields are optimistic for the new game, set to release in North America February 23, 2015:

For Mirror’s Edge Catalyst I think fans are expecting ambiences that will immerse them even more in the mood and overall atmospheres that the game will be full of. And there’s a lot of that coming.

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Published Sep. 30th 2015

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