Riot Drafts DunkMaster Darius Skin to League of Legends

Riot releases the new Dunkmaster Darius skin to League of Legends.

Today, Riot has released a new legendary skin for League of Legends. This is the Dunkmaster Darius skin for, you guessed it, Darius. With his axe replaced by a basketball backboard on a poll, it's a very big change in appearance. No longer warrior for Noxus, but a player for the new team Noxus.

This skin has no real lore to it as some skins may, but this new skin is pure fan service. There has been a long running term of "dunking" in the League of Legends' community, which can be refered to the act of killing an opponent quickly, or the animation of jumping into someone. One example of a character with this style of animation would be Jarvan IV with his ultimate allowing him to jump high above an opponent and slamming to the ground.

Darius' ultimate has always been an executing move, jumping into the air, having a long hangtime, and bringing down his axe to deliver the finishing blow on enemies. With the new animation you won't even see Darius' weapon. It's instead replaced with a basketball, which he brings down on his opponents to both kill and humiliate them.

The new skin doesn't come cheap, rolling in at 1820 RP (about $12.90 USD), but this skin will now become a necessity for any Darius player.

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Published Oct. 13th 2014

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