Plus Loophole Lets Users Extend Membership Through 2035...For Free has to assume Sony is going to close this loophole FAST.

This is just plain nutty.

If you weren't aware, PlayStation 4 users can claim a free 14-day PlayStation Plus trial subscription from the PSN Store. It's free, which is nice. However, one gamer has found a way to continue spamming the offer, resulting in a free Plus membership through the year 2035.

The tipster told VG24/7 how he did it; it's simple, really. He just added his credit card information for renewal purposes. At that point, he was asked if he wanted to extend his membership, and one of the options allowed him to use 14-day intervals. He just kept doing this until the free "trial" membership went through the year 2035.

Here's a quote for the anonymous tipster:

“Once you accept the deal, you are allowed to keep extending the 14 free days for free once prompted after confirmation of the free purchase. All you have to do is keep pressing X and you keep getting 14 free days added to your free subscription. The hundreds of email confirmations from Sony all say $0.00″

THIS won't last long

In fact, Sony has probably already fixed this error. Even if they haven't, though, I'm not sure I'd recommend trying it. I'm not the biggest fan of this type of thing, and even if I were, I have the feeling Sony wouldn't honor your free 20-year membership, anyway. Still, it's always funny when such a huge loophole crops up, isn't it?

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Published Feb. 13th 2014

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