Star Wars and Mass Effect invade GTA V

With a Star Destroyer looming overheard, Los Santos will never look the same again.

Ever since Rockstar opened up its developer tools to the modding community, there have been some insanely awesome things that have come out for Grand Theft Auto V in the past couple of months.

Recently though, there has been a wave of other franchises making their way into Los Santos, most notably those franchises of a sci-fi genre (or syfy if you prefer)

A couple of weeks ago JJxORACLE created a mod that replaced the blimp that circles over Los Santos with an iconic Reaper from the Mass Effect series. Although this was purely a cosmetic transformation, it is a very impressive one nonetheless that is pretty terrifying to look at.

I mean just look at that thing, it's glorious

A couple of days ago, JJxORACLE also treated players to the same type of blimp makeover, but this time with the Star Destroyer from Star Wars instead, and it is just massive.

*cue "Imperial March"

In keeping up with the Star Wars theme, a mod by KAFAROS also exists that let's players drive around Luke's Landspeeder around, complete with lights and all.

These are just some of the few impressive mods that GTA V has seen in the past couple of months, and it truly shows the diversity, creativity, and talent that players have in this community.

Published Sep. 4th 2015

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