Titanfall Beta Announcement Coming Today? Maybe!

A special Titanfall announcement is coming today!

Respawn Entertainment and EA's heavily anticipated Titanfall has a special announcement coming sometime today, if the official Twitter account is to be believed.

Even more exciting is the initial line of the tweet, stating "Be the First to Fall into Titanfall". Could this be the sign of a beta announcement? It's not impossible with the game seeing a multi-platform release on PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One in 2014.

Having initially been announced during Microsoft's E3 conference earlier this year, Titanfall quickly skyrocketed to one of the most anticipated games to launch us into the next generation of gaming consoles.

This is the first release by Respawn Entertainment, but not the first game the studio has worked on in the past. Prior to a falling out with Activision in 2010, the studio was known as Infinity Ward, the developers behind the Call of Duty franchise until 2010.

It's exciting to see this studio move forward from Call of Duty after 3 years out of the public eye, and on to a new IP no less. Whether yesterday's announcement points to a beta or not, with Titanfall is a game to be excited about.

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Source twitter.com
Published Oct. 22nd 2013

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