Waxing Lyrical: 10 Awesome Original Video Game Songs

Three Minutes Clapping (The World Ends With You)

Artist: J. D. Camaro

Here's something a little different. "Three Minutes Clapping" isn't, in fact, three minutes of clapping at all. In fact it's an awesome mashup of Japanese stylistic influences and rock/rap/hip-hop. 

In fact the delivery of the song's rapping verses are somewhat reminiscent of classic hip-hop like The Sugarhill Gang.

It's groovy, rhythmic, and slightly neurotic. The World Ends With You is a similarly groovy melting pot of ideas, drawing RPG systems, youthful exuberance and modern-day Tokyo into an interesting and idiosyncratic world where music is paramount. The game does all of this whilst exploring ideas of social isolation and the importance of communication between people, yet remaining fun and involving throughout.

A large part of this success is down to the music, which is not just a backing but a feature to be interacted with through the collecting of songs and forming of relationships with local record labels and stores.

"Three Minutes Clapping" is especially addictive, and only gets more impressive when you remember that all this quality was achieved in a DS game.

Published Aug. 31st 2016

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