Live In Style With These 5 Incredible Minecraft House Tutorials (Part 2)

Minecraft- Let's Build a Neighborhood House Part 1: House #4 S1

Safety Boost is next on our list with a Neighborhood style house design. Safety Boost began his YouTube channel 4 years ago and has since accumulated more than 280,000 subscribers. His channel consists of Minecraft tutorials that are based around creating different styles of houses and buildings.

If you are after a simple house design that is not only easy, visually appealing and will work with all versions of Minecraft, then this video is for you! In this four part series, Safety Boost takes you through a detailed tutorial on how to create a Neighborhood style house. While the house isn't fully furnished, it does come with a complete layout that is ready for you to get creative with the interior. 

This house is perfect for those looking for something that is visually appealing, easy to create and has a great family style vibe to it.

Published Sep. 11th 2016

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