Live In Style With These 5 Incredible Minecraft House Tutorials (Part 2)

Minecraft: How To Make an Italian Villa

Keralis has once again made the list but this time with an incredible Italian Villa that not only looks amazing but is easy to build. Throughout the 29 minute video, Keralis walks you through how to build this brilliantly styled Italian Villa.

Like many of Keralis' videos, he manages to hit the theme of each house perfectly, with there being no clear faults to his designs. And this video is no exception, the exterior design of this Villa is perfectly fitted to the Italian theme with its choices of materials, trees and vines being spot on. While the house doesn't come furnished, it does come with an exceptional exterior that is complete with an outdoor area and pool.

If you are after something to impress your friends or to simply build something that is quite unique, then this house is for you! 

Published Sep. 11th 2016

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