Panzermadels: Dating sim offers tank-based romance for lovers of military history

Love military history? Really love tanks? This is the game for you.

Dating simulation games are getting more and more interesting. And Panzermadels, a dating sim developed by an American studio called DEVGRU-P, is proving just how strange they can get. It was released in Steam Greenlight earlier in March. It's setting is in a military academy and unlike other dating games, the loveable female characters also happen to be tanks.

According to the description of the game, the main character Erwin Lemmor has transferred to a prestigious military academy to study Armored Warfare. However, as he arrives, he realizes it is not regular Tank School, but "Tank School" with students in Japanese anime high school girl form.

In addition, the game also has many history references during the conversations between the player and the female characters. Lastly, Erwin Lemmor may referred to Erwin Rommel, as Lemmor is the reverse spelling of Rommel. Rommel was a famous general of Nazi Germany, also known as the Desert Fox.

Here are some of the, can expect to see:

T-34 is a type of Soviet tank that served in the WWII. This line is a reference to Russia-annexed Crimea in 2015. As Crimea was part of the Soviet Union, of course she did not invade Crimea.

Type 3 Chi-Nu is a type of Japanese tank used in late WWII, and Leichffraktor is a type of German tank used in WWI. The Student Council President is referring to Adolf Hitler, leader of the Axis Power. In fact, Hitler also served in the German army in WWI.

The term "negligent discharge" means unintentional firing by the owner. M4 Sherman is a US tank used in WWII. It may be referring the high rate negligent discharge of the US Army in Afghanistan.

Tiger 1 is a type of German tank used in North Africa during WWII. Non-amphibious tanks need equipment to "swim" in water. 

These tanks above are the four options that the player can choose from at the moment. Currently, it has 290 reviews on Steam with a rating of 9/10. 

Published Apr. 8th 2016
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    But what about the attack helicopters?!
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    they will be here, and flying on a helicopter will have a totally different meaning lol
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    I was waiting for this obligatory comment.
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    What is it with all the tank girls these days!?
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    they are here to make the tank top fashion great again =P

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