Hunt Monsters by Moonlight with Monster Hunter XX Sailor Moon DLC

The details of Monster Hunter XX's first cross promotion have been revealed. Sailor Scouts can rejoice as Luna joins the Monster Hunter universe.

Monster Hunter XX may have just released in Japan, but it has already sold 800,000 copies. Following on the heels of its success is the announcement of the title's first cross promotion, a series mainstay. In celebration of its 25th anniversary, get ready to punish evil in the name of the moon with the "Sailor Moon" DLC!

Featuring Luna, Sailor Moon's talking furry friend, as a costume for the characters Palicos, the DLC brings the magical girl to the world of Monster Hunter XX. Once transformed, the Palicos will be sporting sleek black fur and Luna's signature golden crescent moon on its forehead. Wielding a Cutie Moon Rod, the Palico will be fighting evil by moonlight in Sailor Senshi style. 

Even though not much information has been announced, the popularity of Monster Hunter XX has almost assured a Western release. While not all cross promotions make it, the popularity and past successes of both franchises mean this one may very well work. 

Published Mar. 25th 2017

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