7 Batman characters we wanted to see in the Arkhamverse

1. Killer Moth

Alignment: Villain

Proposed Appearance: Arkham Asylum

Killer Moth kind of gets a bad rap for being goofy. And dressing in gaudy colors. And being obsessed with moths. But I see his potential! Although Killer Moth is a hard sell among Arkham's highly capable roster of villains, Drury Walker's alter-ego gets a brief nod in Asylum, where Batman can unlock his profile after scanning a "cocooned" corpse. Yikes.

Assuming Arkham's Killer Moth is less of a bumbling moron than his past iterations, developers could have upped the ante by using him as a secret boss in the Botanical Gardens. A Titan prototype using moth DNA could transform the hapless mercenary into his super-mutated form Charaxes, setting up an interesting fight between himself and the Dark Knight.

Published Jun. 29th 2015

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