7 Batman characters we wanted to see in the Arkhamverse

3. The Great White Shark

Alignment: Villain

Proposed Game: Arkham City

Warren White was just your typical embezzling scumbag until he tried to get some legal leniency with an insanity plea, only to wind up in Arkham Asylum. After being attacked and driven to legitimate insanity by the other inmates, White became horrifically frostbitten and disfigured while locked in Mr. Freeze's cell.

While his missing nose, fingers, lips, and teeth are found preserved in Arkham Asylum, the dreaded Great White Shark never makes a true appearance in the games. As a master manipulator, White prefers to pull the strings of his criminal empire from within his cell. It would have been interesting to see how he'd deal with Arkham City erasing the distinction between the outside and inside worlds.

Published Jun. 29th 2015

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