10 Best Islands & Creations in Dragon Quest Builders 2 So Far

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Yamada shakes The Cerulean Steppe up even further by adding a proper castle town right outside the area's large castle. The castle itself is impressive, just by nature of being so imposing, but the town is relaly what draws the eye.

There are a lot of ships being shown off in DQB2, but this one is especially nice. It's practical, situated as it is right off the town's coast, and it's one of the more detailed wooden ship designs. Better yet, you can enjoy seeing it from the seaside cafe conveniently situated at the water's edge.

Moving around the town, forget farming. This village traded in the plows for garden trowels, with charming picket fence plots surrounding even the merchants' buildings around town.

Should you require something a bit more exciting, head over to the local tavern, complete with bar and restaurant tables. Don't be fooled by the hearts, though. A puff-puff parlor this is not, so you'll have to find some other way to stave off the winter chill.

Or you can just head to Scarlet Sands. Watch time slip away while you gaze out at the pond in front of the pyramid, before dancing the chills away at the local dance floor and calling it a day in one of the pyramid's cozy inns. 

Published Jul. 22nd 2019

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