10 Best Islands & Creations in Dragon Quest Builders 2 So Far

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Juma's island is one of shifting moods and feelings. Green Gardens exemplifies this the most. There's a windmill towering over all and pumpkins watching your every step. Move a little ways further, though, and it's a village not too dissimilar from Breath of the Wild's Kakariko Village.

That is until you turn the corner again and find you're back in something akin to Washington Irving's ye olde New York hamlet of Sleepy Hollow.

What's more, the island's inn even boasts decorated rooms with people who actually sleep in them. It sounds odd to praise an inn for featuring that, but plenty of the islands surveyed had impressive fronts with bare rooms.

Scarlet Sands takes a refreshingly minimalist approach to the region. Yes, there's the pyramid, but it's the central feature there. A lone row of buildings apologetically occupies one side of the desert, and that's it.

Few in number they may be, but it's better to visit the above-ground shops than to be lured inside the pyramid by fried eggs, only to then be murdered by a ghost. Yes, Juma's island will kill you.

Among the many Cerulean Steppes in the world, this one is appealing for its different approach. Rather than big castles and torch-lit villas, Juma's Cerulean Steppe has a large waterfall as its primary attraction, with a twisting stone walkway winding its way around and only a solitary item store atop a nearby cliff.

If it's company you crave, though, you can always head back to the dock area and sleep on the pier while people stare at you.


These are just a small sampling of the tremendous variety waiting to be uncovered through Dragon Quest Builders 2's bulletin board. There are countless variations on classic themes, wild experimentation in architecture and mood design, simple designs, ambitious projects, and everything in between.

Take a break from building, check out what others have been up to, then put together your own island masterpiece for the world to marvel at!

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Published Jul. 22nd 2019

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