10 Best Islands & Creations in Dragon Quest Builders 2 So Far

ID cu31RxEAhu (poyo)

Several of these picks are so strongly designed that you feel like you're in a theme park or at a resort. That's definitely the case with poyo's seaside wonder-town, which doesn't just have the luxury sea town feel, but it covers the whole tourist-y package.

As befits an island like this, you start off at the dock, with a good view of the entire town.

There's the usual restaurant, condo-style housing, and everything else you'd expect from a resort, and it's all packaged in a cool, modern style.

Venture a little ways outside town, though, and you find the ideal village vacation spot.

Fields make up most of the village (where do you think the resort's meals come from?) and lend this area a distinct feel from the flashier port town. Yet the tram tracks throughout the village remind you the whole world's still actually a theme park.

The giant aquarium, souvenir stand, and Slime equivalent of the Disney Castle help that feeling, too.

Published Jul. 22nd 2019

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