10 Best Islands & Creations in Dragon Quest Builders 2 So Far

User ID: cwA2fZuxxo (Djunior)

As soon as you step foot onto Djunior's Buildertopia, you know you've ascended to a higher, posher plane. The music fits with Dragon Quest's usual melodies for the nicer side of the tracks, and the entire utopia is like the corporate executive equivalent of poyo's resort town.

It's an exercise in creative plant management as well, with lush plantscapes filling almost every border and open space, creating an almost jungle-like atmosphere at times.

No business retreat is complete without a few amenities, and this one is no exception. Check out the special, rather creepy workout room.

There's something for the spiritually minded visitors as well. No piddly chapel is good enough for this kind of location. No, indeed. It must be a massive, echoing cathedral — which, apart from fitting the location to a T is pretty darned impressive by itself.

Though they're easy to overlook given their ubiquity in architecture since time immemorial, the roofwork on Djunior's island is something else as well. Should you feel tired from walking around the expansive paradise or find climbing to the rooftop difficult, you can always hitch a ride on a friendly chimera. 

Published Jul. 22nd 2019

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