10 Best Islands & Creations in Dragon Quest Builders 2 So Far

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Kabu's island makes the most of what the Isle of Awakening has on offer with three very distinct setups for each area.

The Teleportal drops you off near Scarlet Sands. There's the obligatory massive pyramid, a la Dragon Warrior/Quest VII, which you build later in the game, but the rest of it's been turned into a snazzy desert resort.

It's like something you'd expect to find in a theme park, from a dancing area to a bunch of restaurants, and tourists wandering around needing the toilet.

There's a huge bar with lots of entertainment options, too. You can't actually play darts (as you can't in the actual game, either), but you can at least marvel at the use of spacing. It achieves a level of coziness without just feeling crammed full of stuff.

A short warp away to The Cerulean Steppe finds you in a quiet, snowbound town, with a serene chapel and massive improvements to the castle found there. Chapels in The Cerulean Steppe are pretty common, but this one feels like it came right out of a Square Enix-designed Dragon Quest game

Like the Scarlet Sands area, the level of detail here stands out the most, as well as the coherence of design.

Where some builders are content to leave their area markers hanging in mid-air, Kabu incorporated this one into an impressive fountain feature.

The castle even boasts the standard armor and treasure rooms, plus a secret waterway passage out the side, borrowed straight from Dragon Quest V.

Published Jul. 22nd 2019

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