PS Plus IGC August Preview

The PS Plus Instant Games Collection update for August has arrived and, as always, there's a ton of diversity and value for money!

It's that oh-so-sweet time of month again when we get (basically) free games from Sony! Rejoice!

Last month was a particularly great month for PS Plus, because it featured the new sensation, Rocket League! Unless you've been living under a rock, you know just how amazing and popular that game is - and its 6 million strong player base can be largely attributed to PS Plus. Putting that game out for free allowed millions to get their hands on it who otherwise may not have bought such a niche game. And that's what is so great about this service.

So this month doesn't really compare, because it doesn't feature anything brand spanking new, but it does have a few recently released games, one AAA PS3 title, and a wide array of choices to suit all. So let's get on with the preview!

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris (PS4)

First up is the second game in the Lara Croft spin-off series that features 4 person co-op. This isn't your typical Tomb Raider adventure but it is a fun, polished, and challenging game to be enjoyed with your friends.

You play as Lara, a rival treasure hunter Carter Bell, and two imprisoned gods by the name of Horus and Isis, in order to defeat the evil god Set. To do so, you must work as a team to solve puzzles, avoid death traps, and shoot a lot of enemies. The funny thing is, this spin-off series is a lot more like the original Lara Croft games than the Tomb Raider reboot - classic look Lara, dual-wielding guns, supernatural elements, treasures, and monsters.

Limbo (PS4)

Indie classic Limbo is the next game for PS4. The monochrome 2D platformer oozes atmosphere and tension. Limbo does a wonderful job of bringing your childhood fears of the dark back to the forefront.

You play as a little boy who must traverse a dark and eerie world, filled with spiders and death traps that can and will maim you. It's a brutal game in a charming package that looks like it fell right out of Tim Burton's head. If you like Journey, Never Alone, Child of Light or Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Limbo is right up your alley!

Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)

The follow-up to the cult classic stealth game, Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones casts you as a clone attempting to escape a high-tech testing facility. Think Splinter Cell meets Escape Plan.

Stealth Inc. is renowned for being a real stealth game when few others still exist, and for being pretty darn difficult. You play over 60 satisfyingly sneaky stages and test your brain power in the process.

God of War: Ascension (PS3)

The fourth game in the spectacular God of War series takes Kratos back to just after his wife and child were killed. Yes Ascension is a prequel that shows Kratos at his youngest and most brash.

Making full use of the PS3's processing power, God of War: Ascension takes the series' iconic boss battles to new heights both visually and mechanically. While it may not be the best in the series, Ascension retains and refines the insane gameplay while boasting the best visuals in the series, and maybe even the PS3.

Sound Shapes (PS4, PS3, PS Vita)

It may be the most niche and quirky game available this month, but you shouldn't write Sound Shapes off just yet. In Sound Shapes, you progress through a series of levels where sounds and shapes seamlessly blend together to create a unique platforming experience.

What's really interesting about the game, and makes it worth checking out, is the level creator. There are already tons of user-created levels you can play - as well as create your own. You can even make the music yourself.

Castlestorm (PS3, PS Vita)

And finally this month we have Castlestorm, a tower-defense game that uses real-time physics like Angry Birds. This game is surprisingly deep. It boasts solo campaign fully equipped with story, co-op mode, online multiplayer and more.

Build your own castles, choose your armies, and defend them in a variety of modes. Personal tip: this is game is perfect on the Vita.

Verdict - 8/10

For a limited time only, you can get a rendezvous with Miss Croft, a walk on Mount Olympus with Kratos, a moonlit trek through a forest, a music-guided obstacle course, an illegal tour of a high-tech facility, and a journey through history to play Knights vs. Vikings, all for the low low price of $9.99/£5.59. All inclusive!

Total Value of the IGC: $84.94/£54.44


Published Aug. 8th 2015

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